The SNES Challenge

This site has been created for tracking the unenviable task of playing, and beating every Super Nintendo game to be officially released. According to Wikipedia ( this includes 784 games. There are others who have previously, or are currently attempting this including a recent website SNESticular Cancer which inspired me to record my progress. Another gamer with more progression can be found at SNESChallenge, and a whole team attempted it at Every Game Ever. Since “beating” a game means different things to different people, some guidelines needed to be established. If there is still uncertainty, I will consult with fellow gamers on their opinions.

  • ROMs: Probably the most important distinction is that these games will be played on an emulator. Emulators allow for things such as save/load states and fast forwarding. This can alter the game in a way that wouldn’t be possible on the cartridge, providing an advantage, so they will not be used in the runs. I will however use save states where a pause would be viable to avoid keeping my computer running overnight or to ensure progress is saved.
  • Cheating: Using any cheat codes is obviously not OK, and I’ll avoid using glitch skips to hop sections of the game. However, this is not the same as exploiting certain mechanics (within reason). Resetting the game so it reverts back to an in-game save is reasonable, but something like duping items probably isn’t. So again we appeal to “If it can be done on the cartridge, it’s fair game”, but with additional common sense.
  • Difficulty: In any game with multiple level settings for the AI (particularly platformers, fighting games and brawlers) the easiest setting is valid. However, this may need discussion for a game like Mario Kart (Is beating 50cc really beating the game?) and others with no clear end. A sports game will involve the shortest season possible.
  • Guides:¬†Guides and walkthroughs will be used. This is mostly for RPG’s, but also for learning boss mechanics. Imagine playing Earthbound without figuring out to stand still behind a waterfall, or knowing to pray at the end. There’s no need to spend more time than is necessary with 784 games to conquer!

This is meant just as a guideline, a way to keep me honest! But that is enough time wasted explaining, time to get down to business.

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